Class Breakdown


What to expect from a beginner level cardio kickboxing bootcamp class in 60 minutes.

Warm up | 30 Minutes

  • I use steps, jump ropes, band, kicking shields and bags.
  • 30 Seconds jump rope then 30 seconds jog around the room then repeat for 1 minute jump rope, 1 minute jog around the room
  • Use steps to tap feel left and right for 1 minutes then travel with the jump rope around the room for 1 minute
  • 30 Seconds jump rope, 30 seconds side lunges off the bench, then repeat
  • With legs straddled on steps, do high knees for 1 minute and then jog around the room for 1 minute
  • Hoping on and off the steps while passing a ball between partners for 1 minute then shuffle to the right around the room, repeat going to the left
  • On steps do alternate forward lunges while punching left and right then jog and squat for 1 minute
  • Squat and kick behind the steps alternating between left and right leading kick then jog and push-up for 1 minute
  • Get in push up position on steps and do mountain climbers for 1 minute then frog jumps across the room
  • Jog across the room and do 10 punches with partner and repeat 5 times then switch partners
  • Get in sit up position facing partner and with each 10 count sit up once and punch left and right 10 times and then run across the room and back
  • This is just the warm up component of the kickboxing bootcamp. Take a 1 minute water break and then get into kickboxing

Kickboxing | 25 Minutes

  • During an eight week session consisting of 8 60 minute classes you will learn basic punching, hooking, uppercuts and elbows. You will also develop basic front, side and roundhouse kicking.
  • All sessions will progress over an 8 week period getting you ready for a higher level of workout in the advanced session.
  • You will also learn basic blocking and slips and self defense.
  • All the kickboxing drills will be done individually, with partners and in groups.

Cool Down & Stretch | 5 Minutes

  • It is important to get a good cool down after the intense class. Using basic stretching techniques both individually and in partners you will loosen up sore muscles and be ready for the rest of your day or evening.

Obstacle Training Bootcamp

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