Kickboxing Bootcamps


The advantages of cardio kickboxing are numerous.

Not only do you get the cardio exercise benefit but you also develop increase flexibility and strength from the many martial arts based moves.

The many kicks and punches involved in cardio kickboxing increase endurance and coordination, which is paramount in any fitness program. Due to the high intensity of cardio kickboxing exercise, it is possible to burn from 500 to 800 calories in 1 good workout. Of course this depends on your bodyweight and ability to keep up the high intensity cardio for long enough.

Cardio kickboxing provides a great opportunity for those weight lifters who never got into cardio exercise for lack of interest. Now there is a class that doesn’t suffer from a lack of “testosterone” and has real world usefulness thanks to its martial arts base.

The typical cardio kickboxing workout involves all sorts of punches, strikes and kicking. Once the basics are covered and you are warmed up with some light work and stretching, a combination of cardio kickboxing techniques is combined to give an intense heart-pumping workout. After 30-45 minutes of continuous cardio exercise, the class slows down to do stretches and increase flexibility.

Depending on the location of your kickboxing cardio class, the emphasis may be on technique or on the actual cardio. Obviously, the martial arts school setting will be geared to technique then conditioning. Most gyms that offer cardio kickboxing are more focused on the exercise component and getting a great cardio workout. Pick your kickboxing workout based on your goals and what you would like to accomplish.

Beginner Kickboxing Bootcamp

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